In the words of Rumi:The wound is a place where light enters.

Pain is inevitable.As long as we live we are going to experience it. Sometimes we tend to make things more complicated than they already are. The simplest thing is to observe and be aware

Often times the most simple things to do are the hardest. If you’re goong through pain in heart,body or soul or are going through a hard time, you’re not alone.

We live in times that seems to be providing cracks on everything. Truth and the matter is we are all cracked open at some degree.

Other people’s words or actions or even our mistakes leaves us with a hole in our hearts. This is the point where we should visit one of the most powerful quote by the Persian poet Rumi when he said “the wound is the place where light enters”.

That hole left in us by other people’s words and actions is what we should see as a dark tunnel that leads us inside our hearts and minds.

We should be aware of our pain and it that awareness will come an opportunity to let the light in. The deeper into the pain we go,the more capacity for both pain and bliss we can have.

Awarenesa is the first step to any kind of healing, overcoming or solving. Become aware of your pain, name what you feel and honor it,let yourself feel the emotion,not just talk about it.

When you make sense of what the emotions are telling you,you can identify the need or goal that the emotion is organizing you to attain.

For me being cracked open gives access to the deeper parts of our hearts and shines light to the hidden places of our souls.

We need healing.There has been many definitions of healing and some describe it as a process of bringing together aspects of one’s self,body-mind-spirit at deeper levels of inner-knowing leading toward intergration and balance with each aspect having equal value and importance.

Healing is associated with wholeness and wholeness is experienced in connection with others. Be in a relationship with yourself,with your body ,to the culture and the significant others.

To be whole as a person is to be whole amongst others,to be whole in the presence of others.

We find this in an African phrase: A person is a person through other people.

This is how the blog Heal-a-heart will help you

Welcome! I’m Karabo Masonga.

My goal here is to help motivate, inspire and offer comfort to you. To those who feel they are alone, stuck up and dont have the courage to stand up and face life again.

Selflessness is what i believe in and healing in helping others.

This blog will give you inspiration, courage and will create awareness of how much power you have to heal yourself and others.

Here’s how the blog will help:

I am here to help motivate

The world today is exciting and complicated at the same time.

Often times people are too busy and rely on technology to connect and we lose the real human connection.

Loneliness and depression creeps in and and many feel unmotivated to face life and feel no one understands what they are going through.

This blog will give you the push you need to stand up again

Here to help you deal with pain

As long as you live you’re going to experience pain.

We live in a world of fear, pain and anger often brought up by certain factors.

Dealing with pain is the crucial part. Our generation lives with pain from different aspects of their lives.

I will show you that it’s going to be ohkay.

Here to help discover your power

Except for your name and culture, what else do you know about yourself?.

Our lives are often complicated and we go through a lot of pain simply because we don’t really know who we are.

That calls for you to find your purpose in life and this blog will help you through that process.

Karabo Masonga is a blogger and a freelance writer. Here number one passion is filmmaking.

She is a person who loves to learn new things. Once volunteered in an organization called LoveLife in South Africa.

Helping others is close to her heart and it doesn’t have to be big.She is now developing a career in writing.

If you have a different views or something you want to share feel free to do so on the comments below and we’ll ride together on this journey.